Protect your environment and yourself, 2020

Coloured pencil on paper
80h x 50w cm
$1500 (plus postage, handling and insurance within Australia)



This artwork reflects our current times and how important it is to protect our world and ourselves.

I have experimented with coloured pencil to build depth and layering in my work.

The use of a range of shapes to contain the human form and build the parts as separate entities allowed me to create a detailed work, using elements of nature to express its importance for our wellbeing and survival, particularly in these difficult times. Detail is important in my work and derives from my interest in patterns, colour, richness, and decoration.

In this work I have explored the use of pencil on paper to challenge my ability to make a finished image using one basic tool. My work is time consuming, but I enjoy adding detail and recreating different textures, colours, and tones in my work.

Using images from the past for inspiration, including the Dutch Still Life and Renaissance paintings I reinterpret these, which gives me the opportunity to reflect on the past and project this idea of valuing our environment and protecting it for future generations in a contemporary way.

I see my work as a vehicle for self-expression, using a range of materials and themes.

My practice relies on my own love for artists and their work, past and present, and I am influenced by many different examples of this.

Books, exhibitions, travelling and other practicing artists are the keystone to my creative processes.

Influences come from this and from my great appreciation and love for the visual arts.

Teaching art also provides me with a great opportunity to inspire others and encourage the importance of self-expression through the creative mind.

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