Ghosts of Our Landscape; drawings for a public art installation, Christine Johnson with Hassell Studio for The City of Greater Dandenong, 2021
Pigment print
140h x 160w cm
$4,500 (plus postage, handling and insurance within Australia)


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Fragile reminders of a once thriving ecosystem, these pastel drawings of seedpods, digitally assembled over a background of the heavens, represent the DNA of Victorian indigenous plants lost to urban development – ghost images of long absent trees and flowers, once part of an entire community of living plants which provided mutual support for one another. We too are linked through mutual needs in complex symbiotic systems and must care for the forces, visible and invisible, that keep us connected.

We also need to take responsibility for the precious remains of our natural environment; tend to the plant communities, manage the forces around them, and where possible, revegetate the land to provide support for the entire eco-system of which we are an intrinsic part.

The seedpods in this image represent nature’s enduring capacity for renewal.

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