Deb Sleeman - Random Process with a landscape 2

Random process with a landscape, 2020
Materials: Time, dirt, clay, vegetation, paper, aluminium sheet, acrylic, copper studs.
112.5 x 83 x 1cm
$920 (inclusive of postage and handling within Australia)

Time is the essential material in this work. It is a transformative element.
The process was with wet clay and vegetation on quality watercolour paper. This was then rolled up and left for months, later flattened and dried, worked with and stabilised. The result is as much the hand of time as that of the artist.


Deb Sleeman - The Cracks That Time Inhabits

The cracks that time inhabits, 2020
Materials: Terra sigilata burnished clays, glass, bones, burnt leaves, Copper stands, time
Dimensions: variable. Approx 30 x 6 x 8cm
Variable weight. 250gm – 1kg each
$485 each – (inclusive of postage and handling within Australia)
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The cracks that time inhabits recreate the ruptured surfaces of the salt lakes in the area around Kati Thunda (Lake Eyre).
These cracks which are caused by the slow drying of the salt after a rain event and the relentless heat of outback summers, are filled with the collected remnants of the recent bushfires on Kangaroo Island. Blackened leaves and cracked glass peer from within, encouraging us to consider the deep and constant presence of what lies beneath. In these works ‘time’ is just as much a material as the clay with which they were formed.


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