The Dead Tree Scroll – Silent Extinction,  2021
Artist Book – mulberry (Hanji) paper, linocut, pigmented ink, burn drawing, transfer text and found burnt curtain rod
11h x 10w x 35d cm (closed)
11h x 1540w (open)
$8,000 (plus postage, handling and insurance within Australia)


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In the summer of 2020, while the smoke quietly and densely settled over Canberra, my visual investigations about how humanity impacts the natural world entered a new realm.

My artist book The Dead Tree Scroll – Silent Extinction features excerpts from victim’s reports written to various government bodies after the Black Summer fires. These words show the damage was considerable and long lasting to the flora and fauna and the human spirit.

The attitude needed to survive this tragedy is represented through the artist book’s materials. This paper made from the inner bark of the Paper Mulberry tree appears fragile but is strong enough to be printed on both sides, water damaged and burnt while remaining beautiful to touch and stays long lasting.

The Australian bush is not eternal and invincible. My hope is that with awareness, insight and understanding there will be regeneration of both the land and human spirit.

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