Janet Matthews

“Just flying through” – Red Tailed Black cockatoos,  2021
Graphite and colour pencil
55h x 48w cm
(78h x 72w cm framed)
$2,200 (plus postage, handling and insurance within Australia)



Our native birds are such a pleasure to see and hear. Red tailed black cockatoos are beautiful birds, a wonderful experience to see them flying overhead. Their chatter, the flurry of wings and feathers, their interaction with each other, this is a moment to be treasured. 

Designed by selecting each bird for their attitude and personality, placing them so it feels like the sky above the viewer is absolutely full of these beautiful birds, encompassing and involving the viewer. Not everyone is able to experience such a wonderful moment, which is why my drawings focus on rare moments, interactions, the bird’s personality and sense of belonging, their engagement with everything around them. You can just hear their cry – Just passing through!!!

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