Fragmentation 4, 2021
Pencil and watercolour, paper on salvaged plywood panel
54.5h x 154.5w x 5.5d cm
$5400 (plus postage, handling and insurance within Australia)


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My current work tends to focus on the conservation and environmental message, with a desire to represent at-risk and vital natural diversity.

Australia’s biodiversity faces multiple risks. Climate change, with increased droughts and severe fire events, invasive species, habitat depletion and fragmentation add up to an overwhelming combination of negative impacts. Laws meant to protect nature are repeatedly ignored, and international treaties are disregarded. Constantly, developments and projects proceed in the face of independent environmental advice recommending that they should not. Ending native forest logging and introducing national revegetation programs could start to rebuild habitats with integrity for the rarer and at-risk species.

This work focuses on the fragility and vulnerability of our biodiversity, reflecting this fragmentation in its treatment. The Brown Goshawk is a cryptic bird, often going unnoticed as it hunts through the treetops, just one small, beautiful, and subtle strand of the whole web.

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