A Bush Fire Response, 2016
Watercolour on paper (registered NR Number 000-1511-0178-01)
67 x 97cm (framed size)
$2140 – Framed (inclusive of postage and handling within Australia)
$1890 – Unframed (inclusive of postage and handling within Australia)


Framed or Unframed


Hey True Blue, 2018
Watercolour on paper (registered NR Number 000-1511-0193-01)
67 x 75cm (framed size)
$1670 – Framed (inclusive of postage and handling within Australia)
$1420 – Unframed (inclusive of postage and handling within Australia)



From tonal pen and ink many years ago watercolour has become my preference for painting Flora and Fauna being best known for Australian birds and local remnant grasslands.

As a Forest Officer for the past 40 years working in and around the Grampians region, I have been blessed with opportunity to observe and study much of the wildlife of the area.

If you can imagine a peregrine falcon swooping down from a ledge, echidna playing trains, goanna striding to a tree or a sittella placing shingles on the nest.

This has been much of my life as a forester and artist.

A fascination for the natural world began as a school boy growing up in the little Victorian township of Glenorchy on the banks of the Wimmera River.

Waking to the song of the Butcher bird and going to bed with the mournful cry of the Curlew was commonplace and the catalyst for my lifelong endeavours into the art of wildlife.

I was always an ardent drawer of birds, pencil pen and ink tonal studies led later to the medium I prefer, watercolour, although far from traditional like the impressionist landscape painter, I consider myself a Realist without portraying every feather or petal.

Presenting the characteristic appeal and significance of the subject is essential to my work.

My career as a Forest Officer saw me posted to the Cavendish district on the south west corner of Grampians National Park in 1975 retiring last year yet still residing there. During this time, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to foster my artistic interests.

Interests that blossomed into a keen observer and photographer of the many species of terrestrial orchids that occur throughout the forests and woodlands of western Victoria, hence my appreciation for painting these subjects as well as birds.

Due to my career painting has always taken a back seat and kept low key when there was only so many hours in the day with parenting, work and community issues I would grab and hour here and there burning the midnight oil at times.

To get a body of work together was almost impossible, however a solo exhibition in Ballarat 1981 and another with Steve Morvell in Hamilton in the 90s and later some Australian Artist articles kept my work in the spotlight contributing to private commissions.

Over the years my art has been featured in the Australian Artist Magazine, the Australian Realist Guild exhibitions in Albert Street, the Melbourne Camberwell Art Show, The Stawell Railway Gallery, local Rotary shows and more recently the Mud Gallery in Hamilton where I continue to exhibit as a member.

Today 80% of my work is through private commissions from the general public who visit the Australian Artist website Gallery, having joined a few years ago I find this website extremely beneficial in advertising my art to the general public.

There have been many artists I have admired over the years, but none more so than the late plein- air bush artist Neil Douglas whom I would often run into out in the Grampians surrounds attending his easel when he was resident artist at the Horsham Regional Art Gallery.

His resilience and demeanour while painting in inclement weather, bare footed among the bull ants, jumping jacks with a big grin around the bushy beard typified the true spirit of the artist, perseverance and commitment, don’t waste the moment that may never appear again.

Although a bush drawer from observations I am essentially a studio painter who has been fortunate to be awarded many times rubbing shoulders with many other wonderful artists and a personal sense of achievement have been the most satisfying aspects along the journey.

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