A Change is Brewing

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A Change is Brewing



Graphite on Paper
85cm h x 66cm w framed

The beer can, a symbol of human consumption and waste, has become intertwined with the natural world in my drawing. The tree, a symbol of life and growth, is able to thrive in spite of the negative impact of human activity. This serves as a message of hope, a reminder that it is not too late to make a positive change in our relationship with the environment.

Through my art, I aim to raise awareness of the urgent need for action to address the environmental crisis we face. By using unexpected combinations of objects and themes, I hope to challenge viewers to question their own relationship with the natural world and to consider how their actions impact the environment.

For more information on this artwork email art@wama.net.au

Price: $1200
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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