The WAMA Experience


Awaken the senses, engage with the surrounding environment. WAMA is about inviting visitors to immerse, connect, learn and commune with nature through a variety of encounters. The WAMA experience is centred around four pillars embracing and celebrating the connectivity of art and nature.  


A dedicated art gallery showcasing art inspired by the environment.

Native Gardens

Endemic botanic gardens, bushland, and wetlands that prioritise native Australian flora, while protecting and enhancing natural biodiversity.


A sanctuary for local wildlife species that are at risk of extinction.


Experience and learn about Australia’s unique environment, cultural history and the interconnection of art, science and nature.


An art experience like no other, the WAMA Gallery will be an iconic destination for experiencing art inspired by the natural environment on a level never seen before on the global stage.

ART: Planned Programs

Enjoy an annual art exhibition program showcasing touring retrospectives. The gallery will hold major exhibitions, borrowing from top galleries and collections in Australia and internationally.

WAMA’s permanent collection will celebrate significant local and Australian artists through both historic and contemporary art inspired by the natural environment.

Be inspired by nature from the comfort of your own home by visiting our online gallery and exhibitions

Discover new and emerging Australian artists through our biennial WAMA Art Prize and exhibition.

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Explore and immerse yourself in 16 hectares of WAMA’s indigenous gardens, grasslands and protected bushland.
With almost 70 endemic species to the Grampians on display, together with an array of native Australian plants, our aim is for visitors to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of conserving our precious native Australian environment.


Discover the beauty and diversity of our Grampians/Gariwerd endemic botanic garden, showcasing almost 70 endemic plant varieties that only grow within the Grampians region in the one captured location. Many of these plants naturally grow in remote locations, are rare, endangered or critically endangered making this garden a must for visitors, researchers and horticulturalists alike.

Monitor the progress of our revegetation project to restore our native grasslands to their natural state as part of a wider Northern Grampians region initiative.

Enjoy our developing annual calendar of garden exhibitions, including wildflower shows, guided walks, open gardens and outdoor exhibitions.

Take one of our self-guided tours through our gardens. Learn about Australian native plants, their heritage, scientific background and links to cultural art stories.

Engage, research and discover via our growing collection of plants nurtured and protected for this very purpose. For schools, universities, plant societies and horticulturalists.

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WAMA aims to be home to some of Victoria’s rare and endangered wildlife, including the Southern Brown Bandicoot, Potoroo, Echidna and a variety of native fauna such as birds, frogs, reptiles and insects. Promoting conservation and preservation, we encourage visitors to engage with and learn about some of Australia’s iconic wildlife. 

WILDLIFE: Planned Programs

Discover WAMA’s wildlife on self-guided and guided walks engaging with the wildlife around you.

Meet WAMA’s wildlife in one of our animal encounters. Learn about their habitats, what they eat and what makes them unique.

Educate yourself about wildlife care through WAMA’s experiential learning programs. Participate in research and monitoring programs that contribute to growing our endangered Grampians wildlife and their habitats.

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Inviting enquiry and evoking meaningful conversations about nature and the environment, WAMA will deliver a range of inclusive, experiential learning programs encompassing art, science and nature.

CULTURE & LEARNING: Planned Programs

Participate hands-on in one of our experiential learning workshops, with the surrounding environment as your information source.

Enjoy a range of indoor and outdoor art and cultural exhibits centred around art and nature.

Adventure awaits! Enjoy outdoor self-guided flora and fauna experiences.

School excursions and holiday programs for all age groups.

Our nature play areas are wondrous places for children to explore, laugh and learn.