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Intaglio etchings, gouache, paper 300gsm, paper twine, seven scrolls each measuring 43cm length, 5cm diameter, solander box with silver foil embossing
45cm h x 37cm w unframed

Presented in the form of a sculptural artist book FRAGMENTS DISPLACED contains paper scrolls, each with imagery reflecting the hues of Australia’s precious waters, and the reefs and corals beneath that today are extremely fragile. Our coral reefs play an essential role for sea life underwater, and also above for humans include providing environments for food sources, attracting tourism and protecting coastlines against flooding and erosion.

My hand rolled and hinged paper scrolls lay parallel alongside one another within an archival solander box, like modern day counterparts of ancient scroll manuscripts. Each is bound with paper twine. Each reflects our precious reef through hand printed etchings and gouache paint on 300gsm cotton rag papers.

Two scrolls also include imagery of two figures journeying, forced from their homes and displaced, akin to coral fragments beneath our precious waters.

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Price: $1600
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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