Paperbark Diptych No 1

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Paperbark Diptych No 1



collage, acrylic on timber panel
60cm h x 123cm w framed

This work, which was created with digitally manipulated composites of my burnt timber paintings and photographs of the burnt leaves I collected on the Far South Coast of New South Wales during the 2019/20 Black Summer bushfires, is a reflection on the complex and interconnected relationships between humans, nature, and technology. It also speaks to the fragility of our environment and the devastating impact of climate change on our planet.

By incorporating elements of both the natural world and the digital realm, Paperbark Diptych No 1 explores the ways in which these two worlds intersect and influence each other. I hope this work encourages viewers to think more deeply about our relationship with nature and technology, and the effect of human activity on the environment.

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Price: $3200
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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