Resonance 2 – Fossil [Heart Urchin]

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Resonance 2 – Fossil [Heart Urchin]



Water-based monotype wit graphite drawing. Unique state work.
110cm h x 76cm w unframed

Inspired by the coastal environments around her home town of Portland in southwest Victoria, Carmel Wallace’s love of walking gives her an all-encompassing method of experiencing the natural world. Resonance 2 is one of an ongoing series developed with water-based monotype processes. The pigmented inks moving over her printing plates leave behind sediments and watermarks, mimicking key elements of her environment. The plate was printed twice to achieve a mirrored effect exploring the duality of our experience: dark and light, past and present, hidden and revealed. The parchment-like, subdued colour of Resonance 2 references the ancient nature of this landscape and our attempts at reading it. The work features graphite drawings from an actual fossil [much enlarged] of both the top and underside of the Miocene species Lovenia woodsi [Heart Urchin] found in the oldest limestone strata of the fossil-rich cliff ‘Whalers Bluff’ near Wallace’s home.

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Price: $2150
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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