Soft Speargrass

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Soft Speargrass



coloured pencil
90cm h x 70cm w framed

Conservation of remnant native bushland and revegetation of disturbed areas is high on the agenda of an increasing number of concerned citizens. This has driven awareness of planting local endemic species in suburban gardens, parks and reserves and rural areas used primarily for agriculture. Although they play an important role in many habitats, the native grasses are often overlooked in these plantings. Species such as the soft speargrass, Austrostipa mollis, which is endemic to southern Australia, provides an important food source for caterpillars of native butterflies and habitats for small animals. This grass forms part of the recent revegetation of our semi-suburban block in the Adelaide Hills, and has already shown its significant value in attracting butterflies and stabilising the riparian zone of a small creek. When in flower, this plant is particularly alluring. I have drawn it here at 1.5 times life size to highlight our precious native grasses.

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