A Grassland Field Day

WAMA co-hosted a Grassland Field Day discussing best practices of grassland restoration and revegetation to help contribute to the conservation of the Grampians region. 

The Grasslands Field Day conducted by grassland restoration experts John Delpratt and David Frankln, began at the WAMA site, with a walkthrough WAMA’s restored native grasslands that was sown 2 years ago in conjunction with Jalluka Landcare and Greening Australia   

The grasslands area was sown with over 55 different species of native grasses and wildflowers, many of which have been collected and propagated by Jallukar Landcare within the Grampians region. 

Two seasons later the grasslands is growing extremely well with abundant wallaby and spear grasses starting to send up their new Spring season’s growth.  

“This project is one of many to come as part of the Jallukar Landcare Group’s Native Grasslands Revegetation Project to restore and revegetate the grasslands within the region to a more natural landscape, that contributes to the conservation of the Grampians unique biodiversity.” says Ange Turrell, WAMA Company Secretary, Jallukar Project Officer and Deputy Chair.

“There is as little as 1 per cent of native grasslands left in Victoria, meaning that grasslands are one of our most endangered ecosystems within the state.” 

After a tour Phil Williams plant nursery in Pomonal where all seed propagation takes place.

John Delpratt gave a talk about the principles of grassland restoration, encouraging and inspiring the group with information and wonderful photos of what a perfectly restored grassland can look like.

The Grasslands Project volunteer team meets every Wednesday morning at Phil’s Nursery in Pomonal.

The Grasslands Field Day was co-hosted by Jullaka Landcare, Australian Plant Society (APS) and the WAMA Foundation.


Common Long necked turtle

Fauna Gates assisting turtle migration

Fauna gates have been installed to help small animals such as the Common Long Neck Turtle (Chelodina longicollis) move freely from either side of the fence, helping the site’s ecosystem continue to thrive.

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Thanking Our Supporters

Recently WAMA held a number of fundraising events thanking donors and spreading the word about the wonderful contribution WAMA will bring to the Grampians as a tourist attraction, and a cultural experience that celebrates the synergy between art and nature.

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