Rabbit Eradication in Native Grasslands and Bushlands

Rabbits have continued to be problematic at the WAMA site with a growing number of rabbit warrens and rabbits within the vermin proof fence having a negative impact on the regeneration of the native grasslands and bushlands area.

A top priority of WAMA Maintenance Gardener, Ben Mackley has been to eradicate these pests and give the native grasslands and bushlands every opportunity to thrive. 

A rabbit eradication plan has been submitted with Trust For Nature and since then, hundreds of rabbit warren openings have been identified across the 9 hectares of mostly bushland within the site. 

So far within the vermin proof fenced area the first treatment has been carried out, including:

  • 7 full days fumigating
  • 334 openings identified with markers and recorded
  • 58 additional openings identified with the smoker
  • 629 fumigation tablets used.


Ongoing management  and close monitoring will be undertaken to repeat the exercise for any new or active warrens found.  We hope to see improvements in the growth and quality of the grasslands and bushlands with the rabbits being eradicated.



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