Double Wormhole

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Double Wormhole



silver metallic ink on hand inked 360gsm watercolour paper
130cm h x 240cm w unframed

Double Wormhole is a large abstract drawing about the night sky. Its colour palette and title suggests astronomical objects. Its method of creation suggests the fractal nature of the universe.

It was made in the studio with the Helio Ephemera Solar Drawing instrument over 9 days for varied sunshine in Central Victoria. Each morning, the mechanism was directed onto a new concentric track starting from the centre. During the day, varied solar energy made hundreds of loops and tracks, while at nights it was at rest.

In cosmology, the wormhole is a theoretical hyperspace tunnel between the black hole gravity wells. It is one of the most exotic and other worldly concepts in the cosmological garden.

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Price: $12000
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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