The forest that sustained her

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The forest that sustained her



84cm h x 105cm w framed

The forest that sustained her is an engraving created by making many tiny cuts into the surface of a recyclable high impact polystyrene sheet with traditional wood engraving tools. The block is then printed as a relief print onto paper.

The image is one I wished to explore for many years but as with lots of things they have the right time. Inspired by a friend’s planting of a forest now over 50 years old it always seemed an illusion – that when I was in it, I felt far away from the urban environment of its surroundings. It transported me to a time before cities and made me think about the possibilities of changing the way we think of urban spaces.

The trees form a boundary through which to view a forest that seemingly has no end. This forest created with passion gives back to the earth, the mother, and in a small way sustains her.

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Price: $4500
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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