The Lost Forest of Briagolong

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The Lost Forest of Briagolong



Artist book, inkjet print on paper, carbon on red gum.
18cm h x 15cm w unframed

I live in the small bushfire-prone town of Briagolong in the middle of what was in pre-colonial times, a vast open grassy woodland of Gippsland forest redgums (Eucalyptus tereticornis mediana) that stretched from the Strzelecki Ranges to the Tambo River valley.

Dotted throughout the town, in backyards, at intersections and on verges are remaining, critically endangered, solitary 300+ year-old forest redgum survivors of agriculture, logging and vegetation clearance, reminders of what once was and what now, may never be again. I have walked all the streets of the town and documented all the remaining trees along with their locations and included them in the artist book to commemorate their longevity and guardianship of the town. The length and format of the artist book represents the trees’ long existence, now threatened by climate change and continuing human folly.

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Price: $2000
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