this hush (by night) – Lake Sorell

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this hush (by night) – Lake Sorell



intaglio collagraph and carborundum
76cm h x 172cm w framed

… we were listening to the silence. At first, I thought it complete, except for the sounds of the birds; but then I found that it wasn’t. There was a mysterious, all pervading sound here: a long enormous hushing which I couldn’t at first account for, which was neither the lapping of the water on the shore, nor the movement of the breeze on the lake. In the end I decided that it was the whole vast movement of the water, in the mountain-top crater that contained it.

Christopher Koch, Out of Ireland, 1999

I am continually drawn back to Lake Sorell on the Central Plateau of Tasmania to listen deeply to the ‘silence’ this landscape emits. This environment is layered in history and memory, geologically and culturally, and in the more current experiences and emotions I bring to its shores.

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