Waratah and Wattlebird

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Waratah and Wattlebird



Pencil drawing
78cm h x 63cm w framed

In an uncertain world haunted by ever developing pressures, I feel compelled to draw and document the creatures of our natural world, while they are still prevalent and thriving amongst us.

Although blessed with the freedom of the skies, like many creatures, birds are forced to adapt and evolve to live alongside the burgeoning human population. Co-existing is a learnt skill, and some learn it better than others.

In this artwork I hope to convey and capture the life essence of a sometimes-overlooked, yet equally beautiful, specie that lives amongst us. The Red Wattlebird is a relatively common occurrence across many areas of Southern Australia. They can be inquisitive but also territorial. I first came across this bird in a park, where it flew down almost aggressively, to perch directly above myself and my sleeping newborn, to inquisitively observe and simultaneously loudly object to our presence. Did I blame him for warding us off? Perhaps not – it was his park, afterall. He soon decided he preferred Waratahs to motherhood.

Through layers of fine detailed pencil work, I attempt to depict the minute details of this bird’s features, to convey its vitality and wildness. It is his park, and his flowers, I am the visitor here. Being both an artist and a veterinarian, I feel highly emotionally connected to the wellbeing and ultimately highly sympathetic to the life, experiences and plight of our wild creatures.

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Price: $4500
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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