Wattle and she-oak

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Wattle and she-oak



Pastel on Hahnemuhle velour paper.
192cm h x 136cm w framed

‘When Gina Kalabishis goes walking in the bush, occasionally she encounters a “space of awe” that literally stops her in her tracks. Most of us can relate to being unexpectedly awestruck by the light, atmosphere, and sheer ebullient glory of the natural world.

Kalabishis’ work has long been dedicated to the realm of feeling, or one feeling in particular – love. She compares the experience of nature’s sublime beauty with falling in love. Just as humans will never lose the innate desire to commune with the natural world, artists will forever imbue representations of nature with emotional resonance.’ – Marguerite Brown (MA ArtCur) 2023

This work on sensual pastel on velour paper is my fusion of ikebana inspired still life arrangement of glowing wattle and she-oak celebrating the unique, hardy and diverse flora of this country.

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Price: $12000
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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