Architecture of a dream – Black Earth – Interstellar I

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Architecture of a dream – Black Earth – Interstellar I



Unique giclée print on Archival 100% cotton rag paper.
163cm h x 112cm w unframed

Architecture of a dream is my mothership for visionary compositions and meditations on culturally and ecologically significant micro/macrocosms and how creative cultural expression connect us to broader social/ecological circumstances and transitions. Black Earth – Interstellar I gives imagination to evolving scientific and cultural perspectives on diverse forms of life in the soil, waters, space, our bodies and Earth’s biomes.

The work references our origins in the interior of collapsing stars and the Black Earth of the archaeological horizon – a material high in organic matter, including charcoal, fragments of animal bone and artefacts indicating settlement over long periods of time. In this rich soil are Mycelium, a matrix of fungi of vital importance to the soil ecosystem as they break down organic matter, retain water and prevent erosion, forming the foundations of life on Earth.

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Price: $4200
20% commission of artworks goes to the WAMA Foundation.

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